PXVI club


WHO IS PINKY MCCOY? Our founder would describe herself as a regular girl from the Bronx who believes in creating dope authentic relationships with other women. She became tired of hearing, "girls are catty and don't support each other". I want this lack of support from women to end. We should all come together. When highlighting and uplifting other women, others will be encouraged. 

PXVI started out as a thought to highlight those who work so diligently on their craft, but never get the exposure to propel themselves forward. Our founder then thought to herself and realized as a woman in leadership/ entrepreneurship, where is the platform for us to shine?

PXVI began to build it’s buzz as a vlog for women, it's a-go-to source for women who took the risk to do what they love. "You got it too and we can get this together," is what our founder believes in. It's a fact that women aren't treated equally in male dominated industries, so we are here to break that cycle through entrepreneurship, the hip hop culture, and so much more. We love seeing female MC's getting respect from everyone and through our platform you'll see a lot of women in the industries you love being in the spotlight! 

This is something we see growing into more than just an idea, it's a vision expanding globally .

No hate, just love and recognizing your light. WE ARE PXVI and this is our story .